Service Options for School Districts:

Web-Supported Behavior Database For In-District Use:

A data collection system designed to support classrooms by providing feedback to students in order to promote self-regulation.

  • Collects data in the following areas:
    • On-Task
    • Compliance
    • Social
    • Individual Behavior Goal from IEP
  • Collects data each class period using a 0-3 point system and converts daily points into a percentage
  • Allows staff to measure behavior and support whole-class interventions


In-District 1:1

One-on-one support for students in their district program. This level of support is designed to assist students in successfully accessing their educational program and remaining in the least restrictive environment possible.

  • Data collection taken using the Behavior Drive behavior tracker
  • Collaboration with classroom and related service staff
  • Generalization plan to reduce the need for dedicated 1:1 support


Consultation & Training Services
Consultation and training services are available by experienced staff in the following areas:

  • Dealing with special education students with a co-morbid behavior disorder
  • Training paraprofessionals in working with at-risk youth
  • Implementing a school-wide positive behavior intervention system
  • Providing speech and language services to behaviorally disordered students
  • Others by request


Self-Supported Nonpublic School (NPS)

A complete nonpublic school certified through CDE including the following services in the daily rate:

  • Behavior Intervention Implementation (BII)
  • Behavior Intervention Development (BID)
  • Counseling & Guidance (CG)
  • Social Work Services (SW)
  • Psychological Services (PS)
  • Vocational Education & Career Development (VECD)