Behavior Services

Point Quest Pediatrics behavior team works with district and classroom staff to effectively implement Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) developed by through the IEP process.   The behaviorist evaluates the environment, teaching strategies and positive reinforcement strategies. By understanding the behavior and teaching alternatives or changing environmental conditions, we seek to permanently change the way students seek to get their needs met.

Point Quest utilizes a variety of behavior intervention techniques, which may include an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), antecedent interventions, functional communication training, incidental teaching, discrete trial training and task analysis. Other research-based techniques used include but are not limited to Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), social stories, and Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication related handicapped CHildren (TEACCH).

Intensive individual services are available for in-district placements for student’s requiring a higher level of support. This service is also provided through the IEP and the student’s district of residence.